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There are many milestones in your baby’s life, one of them being their very first tooth. But, no matter how exciting it can be to notice as a parent, the eruption process can be quite painful for your baby. Most children begin teething at 6 months of age, which can help provide relief to the sore gums that are slowly allowing their first teeth to punch through. However, your baby may start teething at around 3 months as the teeth are preparing to arrive and may be causing irritation under the gum line.

Generally, the more you know about the teething process, the better you can care for your baby and help them get through this uncomfortable time. In most cases, you should schedule their first trip to the dentist when their first tooth officially arrives. If you’ve missed this date, then scheduling one now would be ideal. You want to get them to the dentist before their first birthday to ensure they are being set up for a healthy, strong, and beautiful smile later in life.

There are many signs of teething that you may begin noticing around the 4-7-month mark. Sometimes, the teething process is delayed until later, but most babies will begin showing the signs of teething at around 6 months of age. You’re bound to notice since the symptoms include swollen and tender gums, crying and general fussiness, and a slightly raised temperature of around 101 degrees.

If your baby has a severe temperature or if they are experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, a cough, or congestion, you should reach out to your doctor as these are not normal or acceptable signs of teething.

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