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Fewer and fewer teenagers are having to face high school with clunky metal braces, but the reason is different than you may think. Children’s teeth have not magically become straighter in the past few decades. The approach dentists are taking to straightening children’s teeth have just begun earlier.

Various studies have shown that giving your child orthodontic treatment at a younger age, sometimes as early as 7, will improve your child’s long-term alignment and health. This is because your child’s permanent teeth will usually come in around 6 or 7 and straightening them out from the start has been shown to promote a healthier smile in the end.

This is compared to the conventional approach where teenagers used to go in to get braces only after their permanent teeth had fully come in and had a few years to get comfortable in their misaligned positions. It’s thought that treating alignment issues earlier will lead to longer, more maintainable results–and they can often be achieved faster.

If you can provide your child with orthodontics treatment earlier on in life, they will likely need less treatment later on. That’s because their bones are still growing, which means it is the ideal time to intervene and make sure that everything is growing correctly. Waiting until later, once the bones have stopped growing (or slowed down significantly), your child is likely to have to wear braces for a longer period, and they’re likely to experience more discomfort.

Does your child need braces? Whether their teeth have just started coming in or they happen to fall into the older category, the sooner you have orthodontics treatment addressed, the better the results will be in the long-term. Give our office a call today to learn more about Children’s dental braces in North Charleston.

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